RUMIGEN’s People: Han Mulder!

Han Mulder presents his activities as Associate Professor of Animal Breeding and Genomics at the Wageningen University & Research and explains his role within RUMIGEN project.

RUMIGEN’s People: Lars Kluver!

Lars Klüver presents his activities as Director of the Teknologirådet – Danish Board of Technology and explains his role within RUMIGEN project.

RUMIGEN joint workshop!

On the 1st – 2nd of September the Danish Board of Technology and Wageningen University held a joint workshop in Copenhagen, which brought together 18 stakeholders and RUMIGEN partners, representing farmers, breeders, consumers, animal welfare advocates, researchers, and ethicists.

Post-doctoral position at INRAE!

A Post-doctoral position on epigenetic footprints of environmental changes and epigenetic inheritance is available within the European project GEroNIMO.

First genome-edited Alpine goats: born to resist!

One of the objectives of the RUMIGEN WP5 activity 3 is to compare the relative efficiency of introducing a favorable allele from a Norwegian goat breed into the Alpine breed by gene introgression or genome editing, while preserving the specific traits of these animals.